Business and Data Privacy in 2018


Hey guys, Tim with OneLink IT.

So, I’m on my way to work: filled up the car with gas, grabbed my morning coffee, and in both instances used one of these (holds credit card).

Now it’s worth noting that in 2018 there are some proposed changes to how we process digital payments.

The first of which is the Supreme Court mulling over the idea of online retailers paying state sales tax. In the past, they’ve largely been able to skirt this issue but that may change.

The other piece of that puzzle is data privacy. You’ve probably heard things about GDPR and some of the changes coming with the way that we collect information, the way that businesses process that information and how they protect it.

Essentially what these changes mean is that you have more information coming in to your business from more sources and going more places. And really, the impact is that businesses are liable for how they process that information.

You know, cyber criminals continue to attack businesses and the target of choice really are small and mid-sized businesses. They have the same access to those businesses as they would a large corporation that’s online but typically small businesses have fewer resources and a less robust network.

If you’re concerned with your business’ stance on data privacy, processing sales tax or collecting online payments, feel free to shoot me a message or get in touch with us at


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