Partnership with Nulia for Office 365

Here at OneLink IT, we’ve long been a knowledgeable source for getting our clients started with Office 365. The Microsoft product is a keystone of productivity for many of the offices we serve.

We’ve now added a new partnership to help make Office 365 easier to use for everyone. OneLink IT has joined forces with Nulia to help end users adapt to the new digital world and unlock the full value of their SaaS solutions, empowering them to work more productively and realize organizational potential.

Nulia is a digital enablement pioneer. Their tools provide a proven playbook to measure, personalize, guide and reward users as they deeply adopt and maximize use of today’s SaaS solutions. This partnership furthers our own mission to provide personalized digital support that grows and adapts with your organization. With OneLink IT, and now Nulia, your users will effectively use the leading communications, collaboration and productivity tools available today.

We’re immediately launching a bundle of Microsoft Office 365 and Nulia’s QuickStart Enablement Sessions, focusing on small and mid-sized enterprise customers across the nation. Nulia’s QuickStart Enablement Sessions will help end users learn the features and functions of Microsoft Office 365 so they can develop and demonstrate new skills to thrive in the modern workplace.

Contact us today to provide an integrated and powerful training program to your Office 365 users.