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Information. We find ourselves generating more and more every day. What is business critical? What is irrelevant? What is our recovery plan? Who is allowed to delete data? Are our retention policies compliant with regulations? Information management and governance can be an overwhelming task. Let us give you the tools to turn your questions into answers.

Veritas’s suite of information management products offer top-of-the-line management of your business-critical information. From backup to discovery, Veritas has a product to meet your IT challenges. OneLink IT can help you find the products that will best serve your business.

Backup & Recovery

Reduce complexity, protect, and recover your physical and virtual infrastructure from a single pane of glass. Whether it’s protecting a single desktop or an entire datacenter, we have the technology to keep your data available and working for you.

Archiving and Retention

On premise or in the cloud, we can help you categorize and retain your data.


Efficiently discover against your entire environment for legal, compliance or policy reasons. We can help you find the data you seek.

Information Classification

Locate, identify, categorize, or delete data confidently.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Not seeing the product you need? Not sure how information technology affects your business? Let OneLink IT take care of it. We offer a host of products not listed here and will work with you to find the perfect solution.

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