Add Comprehensive Protection to Your Browsers

Employees’ daily internet usage creates unavoidable risks. All links open in the browser, making protection at the browser level critical. But your employees cannot stop using the internet and must feel comfortable accessing it. They need a way to work securely where they are protected from malicious websites, and they need to do their work regardless of their technical abilities. By isolating malicious or unknown activity before it can affect your systems and network, ConcealBrowse mitigates risks before they become a threat.

ConcealBrowse is a lightweight Chrome browser extension that easily converts it into a zero-trust, secure browser. ConcealBrowse is quick and seamless for the end-user, requiring no training or technical knowledge to set up or use. Once installed, the browser plugin causes minimal interaction with the user, minimizing interference with their web surfing.

ConcealBrowse protects every endpoint from malicious, unknown URLs. It leverages a decision engine that transparently analyzes website content to isolate risky websites and applications in a cloud-based environment while allowing known ‘good’ website access to continue down the expected path. It makes proactive decisions about the security risk associated with internet use and automatically isolates risky activities.