Information. We find ourselves generating more and more every day. What data is business critical? What is irrelevant? What is the recovery plan? Who is allowed to delete data? Are the retention policies compliant with regulations? Information management and governance can be overwhelming tasks. VERITAS provides the tools to turn your questions into answers.

Veritas’s suite of information management products offers top-of-the-line management of your business-critical information. From backup to discovery, Veritas has a product to meet your IT challenges. OneLink can help you find the products that will best serve your business.

VERITAS Backup & Recovery Solutions

VERITAS provides solutions that reduce the complexity of recovering your data, your physical infrastructure, and your virtual infrastructure. Whether it’s protecting a single desktop or an entire data center, they have the technology to keep your data available and working for you.
OneLink is the premier partner selling VERITAS backup and recovery solutions designed for smaller environments. These solutions are:

Backup Exec

A file/folder solution with the best breadth of hardware and software support in the industry and the only solution that can backup your Microsoft 365 data locally

System Recovery

A system image backup solution that supports Microsoft servers and workstations and also supports Macintosh workstations

Desktop Laptop Option

A file/folder solution that supports Microsoft and Linux workstations

If you are interested in purchasing Backup Exec, all new licensing is through the new Simple Pricing subscription licensing model. This model includes all the features of Backup Exec. You can determine the number of licenses you need by using the BE Simple License Calculator.

VERITAS also has an Enterprise level backup solution called NetBackup. This solution is overkill for anything but the largest enterprise environments.

VERITAS Data Management Solutions

The VERITAS information management solutions help customers with regulatory requirements to maintain data and keep it safe to automate both the archiving and the discovery processes

Enterprise Vault

Automated compliance archiving for streamlined discovery

eDiscovery Platform

Efficiently discover against your entire environment for legal, compliance, or policy reasons

Additional Tools

Locate, identify, categorize, or delete data confidently

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